This software is supplied in a binary format ('as is') for free - the source code is not available. In the TeX-Catalogue it will fall under the category of 'nosource'.

There are many expenses I incur in maintaining the WinShell project that may not be apparent, such as web hosting costs, and the costs of new operating systems and software I have purchased specifically for writing and testing WinShell. If you desire, you may send me donations of any amount towards my efforts on keeping the WinShell project alive.

Although donations received are very much appreciated, those that do make donations do not automatically receive preferential treatment over those that don't.

As a member of an european country, you may send a donation to my german bank account. Please contact me via donations winshell de.

Als Alternative habe ich für deutsche Nutzer von WinShell eine Wunschliste bei angelegt.
Man kann dort ein Geschenk auswählen, welches dann an mich geschickt wird :)

Ingo H. de Boers komplette Wunschliste